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Gm Coo Re Investment Company

Company: Ohio Cash Buyers LLC
Location: Springboro
Posted on: August 5, 2022

Job Description:

Our fast-growing Real Estate Investment company is currently seeking an AMAZING Real Estate Office General Manager to join the team and help lead and facilitate our growth and expansion!

Full Transparency: We have HUGE growth opportunities in front of us right now, but we need absolute A-class team members to capitalize on them. That's where you come in. Not only being our second in command, our GM/Manager, but having the ability to find, onboard, train, and keep happy employees engaged, thriving, and moving our team and business forward RAPIDLY. You'll find we do not believe in slow growth. If you are of the "slow steady growth" mentality vs the "join the rocketship and figure out how to get it done" this won't be for you.

We are a high-volume Real Estate Company that is STRUGGLING to even begin to keep up with sales and client demand. We need someone who is a true leader that can quickly build processes, systems, KPIs, and metrics, hire and onboard quality people, manage team accountability, etc. And we're only looking for someone that already has this experience in leading a team and doubling a business.

We are presently buying and selling 17-20+ properties each month. It should be DOUBLE that easily with the network and resources we have. The CEO is a leader in this space and has the vision, ability, and knowledge to easily see 50% YOY growth with the right person in this GM seat.--We've hired COOs in the past but---.they were too high level and not willing to get their hands dirty.--They didn't want to move fast enough and make fast/quality decisions to make things happen and get things done!--You have to have a knack for finding a solution fast and ensuring it's the RIGHT solution, not just the "right now" solution.--

See, the real estate market and economy do NOT care about our systems, our problems, our excuses, our issues, our lack of a quality GM, or anything else. The market does not care about you or your problems. The market rewards the best operators, PERIOD. The economy will move FAST without us and the only way to keep up with this ever-changing environment is to have a team full of absolute A+ players being led by a lead A+ General Manager!--

And good news! We are in a 100% recession-proof industry. Due to what we do and how we invest, when the economy is great, we do very right now. When the economy is terrible, like in 2008-2015, we do even better!

So what's the culture and team like? We're a small team of 13. My wife works here, my sister-in-law works here, my mom works here and is our silly crazy office mom, my best friend Tony is our sales manager, my brother Dan is our top sales guy, and my best friend Heather is my PA here------get the idea?? I have NO desire to be some huge corporate boring stuffy business. We do things our way, we answer to no one, and we focus more on how well our team does, and how well we serve our clients and vendors versus some arbitrary number on a spreadsheet.

Even though the office is definitely fast-paced and often intense, we're very informal and casual. You can wear whatever you want and there are NO office politics allowed here. Shorts and a T-shirt are normal. Sometimes, we will dress up a bit for a client visit, but that's a very rare thing. Some of our folks love to dress up (especially the sales dept) but that's entirely up to you.

The CEO is an introvert, so it will definitely be your job to be the face of the company in many instances. You will be leading meetings, holding open house events at our office and restaurants, engaging with the public in many cases, be on TV as part of some of our marketing channels, work with many different agencies and vendors, etc.

The CEO's job is to lay out the vision, focus on growth, fund the company, create the investment strategy, and provide the resources that no one else can as he is plugged into the latest/greatest thing, etc. It's 100% the GM's job to implement those things, facilitate that growth, and put the pieces in place (whether systems, training, people, processes, tech, or anything else) to ensure we live up to the vision. Please only reply if you fully understand this CEO/GM symbiosis and what's needed out of you to perform at this level. If you know the book Traction and Rocket Fuel at all, you'll realize this is the Visionary and Integrator relationship. Read a few notes (Google) on this before applying so you understand. YOU are the Integrator and expected to fulfill the roles and duties of a true Integrator.

Please note: The CEO has a huge heart, has a huge vision for this team, loves people like crazy, but he also has Asperger's Syndrome, now called High Functioning Autism. Please research and understand this well as it makes the CEO/GM symbiosis challenging unless you're truly the right person who can balance him out. For the right person that he trusts 100%, it will be an amazing working relationship. For the wrong one, you'll find him intense, a perfectionist, demanding, etc. ALL 100% true, but it's because of the HFA above, and because he knows what the true potential of this team is and he won't settle for anything less.

This is 50-55+ hours weekly, especially during the growth phases for the first 12mo. If you have other life commitments that make this a problem, please, do not apply. The salary range is 30% above average in our region for a good reason! There are late nights, emails from home to keep the team on track, weekend emails, etc. Office hours are 8:30a-6p Monday through Friday only, but we work WHENEVER it takes to achieve our goals while still respecting family time and balance.

If you're looking for a job, this isn't for you. If you're looking to truly challenge yourself and be rewarded in a major way for it, this is an opportunity you should not read and pass by.

Our Visionary is incredible at so many things. We would put him toe-to-toe with anyone else in real estate and watch him absolutely crush them in knowledge, strategy, growth, sales, marketing--- You, in the GM role will need to complement areas using your strengths and Spidy-Senses, managing the day-to-day, keeping things organized, staying on top of important events and dates, communicating frequently, hosting meetings and training sessions---
--- You will naturally lead a real estate team in the day-to-day, corralling kittens every once in a while.
--- You will set the standards, track, measure, and maintain consistency.
--- You will challenge yourself and the team by stretching goals.
--- You will joke, yell, celebrate, coordinate birthdays, coordinate team lunches, and ensure that our culture is maintained.
--- You will be a taskmaster, planning with laser-like precision, being able to quickly recall all properties on a roster and know what's happening with each of them.
--- You will be ahead of the curve in technology, seeking, learning, assessing, and implementing tools that make the company better, make the company money, and save the company money. You will find and subscribe to every real estate and construction technology newsletter to be on the leading edge.
--- You will use your background in real estate or a similar industry to continue to develop efficiencies and refine processes.
--- You will document processes and implement SOPs to be followed and to be used for training.
--- You will identify areas where you lack in Real Estate, Construction, or Technology knowledge and you will find ways to enhance your understanding to refine the company, systems, processes, people, training... etc.
--- You will use checklists, systems, organization, planning and plotting of 1-3-6-12 month goals.
--- You will work to achieve and exceed goals on time, on quality, and on budget.
--- You will identify company needs for resources, develop an understanding of the budget and ROI needed, set requirements, take initiative, interview potential candidates, weed out the phonies from the heroes, hire, retain, incentive, train, and manage them to near-perfection.
--- You will use spreadsheets like a beast.
--- You will refine our systems and procedures.
--- You will track KPIs like Rain Man.
--- You will coach your team.
--- You will have the patience for training, encouragement, and help that the CEO simply doesn't have.

How do we define amazing? In our culture:
--- You must be naturally happy, enthusiastic, excited, passionate, and driven 90% of the time. Employees, clients, and contractors need to be able to feel the passion in everything you do.
--- You must be able to manage stress properly. Leave personal matters at the door when you come in.
--- You must operate at extremely high standards. If you haven't been the one to create the standards or set the standards at the last place you worked, then you won't hit our standards here.
--- You must be driven to be better and be different every day, challenging yourself and stretching your goals. We don't settle, ever!
--- You must embrace and make an order of the chaos of a fluid environment. You will have to be able to control people through persuasion, coaching, decisiveness, focus, and directness.
--- You must like fun. We joke we yell, we celebrate, we have cake on birthdays, we do lunch as a team sometimes, and we truly enjoy the people we work with!
--- You will have to be a taskmaster, planning with laser-like precision, being able to quickly recall all properties on a roster and know what's happening with each of them.
--- You must be technically savvy. It's not 2004, technology is required to drive businesses forward and it's your job to be ahead of the curve, seeking, learning, assessing, and implementing tools that make the company better, make the company money, and save the company money.
--- You must have a background in Real Estate. You must know what your people do, to be able to lead them in the most effective manner forward.
--- You must have a background in Construction. One of the biggest areas of saving any company money is through its vendors and suppliers. If you don't know what 10/2 wire is, or what 16OC means, you would allow the company to be taken advantage of for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we can't have that.
--- Organization, planning, implementation, communication, and execution must be your top strengths.
--- You love checklists, systems, organization, planning and plotting 1-3-6-12 month goals, and working backward to achieve and exceed those goals.
--- You are very much a "fixer" just as much as a "team-builder." You must be able to identify company needs for resources and understand the budget, ROI and requirements to be set, take initiative, interview potential candidates, weed out the phonies from the heroes, hire, retain, incentivize, train, and manage them to perfection. Always setting higher goals and accomplishing a better day today than yesterday.
--- Spreadsheets make you happy, and systems and procedures make you happy. Tracking KPIs makes you happy.
--- You must be SMART, intuitive, dedicated, a problem solver, and a critical thinker.
--- You must understand basic sales psychology.

The total pay package here for a quality A+ candidate will be $110-125K+ per year based on experience and hitting/exceeding performance metrics. You'll have a starting base salary of $60-80K DOE to prove yourself and prove you can do the job and the rest of your total package will be quarterly performance bonuses, a profit share of all growth that you are involved in, and will be based on your own personal and/team performance as a whole. If you're not exceeding $110K+ after the first year, YOU have failed....not us.
Look, I'll be blunt. I don't care how much we pay you after you've proven yourself. Can you justify a $20K raise after 6mo of kicking butt? FINE, it's YOURS! Want to set a goal so outlandish that you can easily justify a $40K Christmas bonus next year? Awesome, prove it! This is a forever career with a base salary, profit share, performance bonuses, and many other investment perks (being part of our deals, etc). Give us 5-7yrs of amazing work together, and you'll easily be in a position to retire if you WANT to retire. It's 100% up to YOU, the opportunity is here. Want to join several of our team members in buying rental properties to build retirement wealth and cash flow? Rock on, we most definitely want you to be part of that as it's one of the main things we sell to our clients, so we certainly offer it to our team.
Please note: There are strict NC/NDAs in place for all roles at our office. We welcome your growth inside of our team and will help you buy a ton of properties to add to your retirement if that's your desire. But we do not train those who wish to start their own business in any way, and we specifically block it via NC/NDA. We only train team members to thrive here, not people who want to pick the CEO's brain as he gets 20 of those messages per week begging for his time and training.
What direct immediate tangible benefit do you feel you can offer the CEO and the entire team? If you do not feel you can offer immediate benefits to grow our organization, you will not be the right fit for us. Describe in detail in your cover letter what you feel you offer so you stand out among the dozens that will apply. I can promise you, for the right leader, our team is HUNGRY for that leadership! You won't have to fight bad attitudes here, then people will want you, welcome you, and embrace you if you're a great leader. We hope you're the one we're looking for!
I could keep rambling and go into a dozen more things about us, this role, your future and how amazing it will be, etc... Instead, it's now your turn. Send me a detailed cover letter and a resume. Tell me WHY you're the person I simply have to hire, and WHAT you can offer us that will lead this team to massive success. We're looking for only the best. What experience do you have in life and business that will allow you to take us from where we are, to where we want to go?
Better yet, my name is Bryan, I'm the CEO, and I'm not hard to find online. If you want to move straight to the top of the pile....find me online, on FB, by email, whatever.....and reach out! Say hello, and do your convincing there. In many ways, that extra effort is exactly what will mean the difference between you excelling here and failing out entirely. Send me a video if you can telling me why you're the right fit for this job and someone I must interview immediately. I am not looking for video quality, I'm looking for a simple 2-5 min video telling me about you, what motivates you, your goals in life, and why this is the right fit for you to grow and excel.
Thanks for reading, and we look forward to welcoming you to our team!

About Company:
Ohio Cash Buyers LLC is the leading distressed Homebuyer in all of Ohio. We work with an amazing team in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus markets, and we're currently expanding our home buying efforts into 4 new markets.

Our office is a small friends-and-family environment of 14 people. My best friend Tony works here, my best friend Heather is my PA, my good friend Ben is our in-house legal counsel, my SIL works here in PM, my wife is our AR/AP, and my brother Dan is one of our top sales reps, etc. The ones that aren't already friends and family...we adopt! It's just like that here. Life is too short to hate what you do or hate who you do it with!

We've been in business for 18 years now and it's our goal to buy 250+ homes every single year. We're the winner of the BBB Torch Award for Ethics and have endless amounts of client reviews and testimonials who all sing our praises and LOVE working with us!

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